Saturday, October 13, 2007


Who invented money ? I think it brings more trouble than convenient. It makes people betray, killing each other...

Btw, Selamat Hari Raya to all who celebrate it...


teehowe said...

"No money, no talk"
-Lamers' way of thinking =P

I used to think the same thing as well. Fiction: "I wondered if everyone in this world are just allocated equal resources, no one would have fought, but this still needs government. And when government comes into place, politics play a role. As politics come in, they need power (as power and domination is in several people's nature). For power, they source of bribery. For source of bribery, they need value. For value, they need currency, then we have money! haha, this is definitely not true. Just being creative ;)

p.s: Put the "contoh" label in case Bank Negara comes and raid B4-23 (i suppose ur room eh?) of Siswa Jaya Hostels. =X

Lawrenz L said...

Haha howe, you do talk some sense here.. I'm just going through some hard time which is 1000x more than the value in the picture... So, I shoot the money, then curse it in my blog hahahaha.. I feel better now..

Btw, is it necessary to put "sample" label? My room is B 4-22 anyway :-)

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