5. "Batmobile is not really the same after batman switched it to NGV. "

4. "I've been camping here for one week and this isn't the line for the new iPhone 3G ?! "

3. "I've spent all my money on petrol, so I'm just gonna stand here and look at the poster. "

2 . "Shouldn't you be working, Pak Lah ? "

1. "I read that the repair on the gearbox for the batmobile cost them RM 2 million. "

Living in Malaysia, we are very blessed with lots of natural resources, like food, foods and loads of foods. So, when it comes to eating in Malaysia, Malaysians are spoiled with all kind of choices. So, when we decided to come out for a dinner for Syaiful's BIG two oh birthday, we have 4 choices where it were written in 4 pieces of paper and the birthday boy randomly pick one.

Nando's, Kim Gary, TGI, or Gasoline ?

For the 1st pick, we picked Nando's, but then everyone seems not satisfied. Even after we had already made our decision, we were still waiting for Angelica, so we repick for the 2nd time and the 3rd time where at last we made the decision to eat at Gasoline.


So, basically Gasoline is quite a nice place to eat, reasonable price although the portion is quite pathetic, and btw one of the waitress was so hitting on Wilson. Haha. Anyway, here are the photos taken by the waitress.



Happy Birthday Syaiful !

This is the L-oh-rama V 1.0 where it was just a very basic templates from blogger. This is how it looked since the 1st day I started blogging.


But after one year, I decided to revamp the whole layout and templates, and now I present to you the L-oh-rama V 2.0 with extra large photos (for future posts) .


The blog template is from Our Blogger Templates, while the header image is from Smashing Magazine.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talk cock sing song : CSI : KL

It was late at nite, I was looking at the astro website, it stated that the current promotion for subscribing to astro is just Rm199. No wonder they called the company astro, because of their "astronomical" price.

Then something came up on my mind, hey, who needs astro anyway, we've got CSI : KL showing everyday at every possible channel, somemore it's free. No need to pay astro bills or whatsoever, just remember to catch the series everyday anytime in the internet, newspaper or tv, the freedom is in your hand.

Monday, July 14, 2008

How to switch head in Photoshop

Before you even think about of working for Bolehland-Today.net as a graphic designer, you've got to know the most basic photo manipulation which is the old switching rule, in this case is switching the subject's head in a photo.

This knowledge will be very useful if you decided to create a controversy in the country by swapping the P.M.' head with a picture with Anwar. Ok, no more talking cock, straight to the lesson.

First of all, Open the intended image. To make life easier, choose the one where the background colour is very different from the skin tone.

Then, using Magnetic Lasso tool, wrap around the subject by moving your mouse around the subject

Right click on the image, and choose Layer via Copy

Drag the layer just now to the new image where you want to switch the head. Then click on the small icon on the bottom right hand, and a Layer Mask will appear. By painting black colour (using brush of course) will hide the layer, while using white colour will reveal the layer. Simple.

Due to this image being BnW, go to Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation and the saturation set to -100

But if you see the image, the neck and the facec are two different tone, so we solve this by using burn tool.

Remember to burn on the Background layer

To finish thing off, flatten image, and

Done !

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogger wanted !

Bolehland Today, Malaysia's largest blog with readership up to 100,000 daily seeks the suitable candidates to fill for a few openings in our young and energetic company. From our humble beginning in 2001 with only a blogger with a laptop sitting outside starbucks leeching wireless, we go from strength to strength and now with more controversial articles and more than 100,000 unique visitors daily. We are currently ignoring a few lawsuits and gearing for an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and are in the process of applying for MSC status as Malaysia's largest multimedia company.

Bolehland Today was recently featured in Fast Company's March issue as one of the "50 Most Innovative Companies in the World". Apart from being the blog with the hottest and controversial news, Fast Company says that Bolehland has "defied industry convention and democratized internet".

At Bolehland Today, our employees are our most valuable assets. These outstanding individuals are steering us towards our goal of becoming Malaysia's largest blog.
Come join us and take the opportunity to excel as a team, and as an individual.

Vacancies available : (Full time - KL / PJ / Cyberjaya / Putrajaya)

Blogger (10 positions)

Job description : Writes about politic issue in Malaysia
Requirements : Knowledge about blogging and internet is a must.
Have no fear of lawsuit or whatsoever.
Ability to do statutory declaration is an added bonus.
Benefits : Free teh tarik at the police station each time being investigate.

Graphic designer ( 3 positions )

Job description : Manipulate photos
Requirements : Basic knowledge of Photoshop 1.0
Must read Photoshop for Newbie by Lawrence L.

Benefits : Free Macbook (must return back if quit)

Please send your complete resume to :

hr@bolehland-today.net (only online application applicable)

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