Thursday, January 31, 2008

Photo Hunt

Last weekend I went to mark's house.. Incidentally, they had a photo hunt competition, where basically we were given a list of things to shoot (with camera of course) in 1.5 hours. The list consist of :

Serious team photo

A crazy team photo

Three team members playing pool

Two team members on a cab

A team member on a bike

Two chefs or two waitresses

Chicken (alive)

A "welcome" dog at this specific address

A barking dog

A golden colour MyVi

Spider web

Two astro dishes on a house

So all in all, we managed to get all the photos in 1.5 hours, and we were all running and sweating.. That's why in the serious team photo, you can see that we were all sweaty.. It was fun though, something i dont get to do often in my uni.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Youth '08 @ PWTC *part 2

Continue from the last post..

Sing a song

Indie band "Hujan" performing

The crowds go wild..

Don't play-play, they used a MacBook Pro for the projector and sound control, and for your info, the guy who control the MBP was wearing a selipar jepun and some washed out colour shirt

Eh, wrong direction lah.. Look here..

Hannah Tan made a brief appearances in Youth '08

*the last part will be the part 3, but it might take some time..

By the way, I created an account at deviantart, check it out if you are free

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Youth '08 @ PWTC *part 1

So, I went to PWTC on sunday for Youth '08 event. I go there with an empty memory card, full battery charge, but coming home with full memory card and empty battery charge.

There are simply too many photos, so only the crème de la crème will be uploaded. For the 1st part, mostly photos from fashion show, while part 2 consist mostly photos from battle of the band and some kinky fashion show. Hehe..

For the company that sponsor this car for them to conteng, pleaseeeee sponsor a car for me.. Oh wait, I didn't even have a driving license..

The next Michael Scoufield, well if he intends to escape from prison in Malaysia, he doesn't need the prison's blueprint, he needs loads of money to bribe the prison's guard

The scissor guy and the scary movie guy

I thought Paris Hilton...

The model in the background want to be in the frame as well for me to capture

Most probably a new and young model, she looked very nervous and uncomfortable

By the way, throughout the expo, there were a lot of MCA booth, so election coming soon huh ?

* part 2 coming soon...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Youth '08 @ PWTC

I wanted to blog this but the celcom 3G goes kaput, it's been 4 days.. So I can only upload these 2 photos (from hostel wireless) as a teaser for the next post..

Fashion Show

Indie (independence) band "Hujan" performing

Sunday, January 13, 2008

aircraft spotting *part 1

Friends : So, what did you do last week ?
Me : Oh, I went to airport for spotting, aircraft spotting..
Friends : Huh ?
Me : You know.. Go to airport and watch airplanes takeoff and landing.. Camera optional..
Friends : Oh.. (still looking blur)

First victim, Pakistan International Airlines taking off with the atc tower in the background
MAS kargo operating on behalf of Air Atlanta Icelandic taking offThai Airways A340-500.. This aircraft is so fucking long..
China Airlines taking off with China Dolls.. hehehe..
Last of part 1, Sri Lankan Airlines A330-200..
Captain : Cock-pit secured ?
Co-pilot : Roger that, Sir. Already put up yellow curtain so those spotters outside can't shoot us doing hanky-spanky stuffs in the cock-pit.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vintage advertisement style

I almost ran out of idea for photography, then I stumbled upon some vintage advertisements, which look like

Then I did the next best thing to do beside taking my camera out and shooting, which is double clicking the Adobe Photoshop CS2 icon. Then search for appropriate photos. The following photos were from a BBQ party at Nelson's house on 11th of Dec 07.

In this photo, I used liquify to make him look thinner. Then most important was sharpen (hell load of it) to create the "wet" look.
Spot the difference...

This photo was processed same as above, except without liquify..
Original has no connection whatsoever with the website mentioned in the poster above

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sports + Environment

Friday, January 4, 2008

A walk in the park

Do you still remember the first time you go out and get yourself(or your family) some pisang goreng..?

Colours and shapes make great photo..

Stumble upon a great song in a cartoon Futurama, season 4 in the episode "Leela's homeworld". A touching song but on the mean time, the beat sounds very suitable for fashion show.

Pizzicato Five - Baby love child (right click, "Save Link As")

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dare to ...

Photo inspired by artwork of a "teenager" named Peyton, on the drama series One Tree Hill.

p.s. Most of the time, the greatest reward comes from doing the thing you scared the most. Who knows where life will take you, the road is long, and in the end, the journey is the destination.

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