Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Advertisement Idea

You know whenever you take a flight, you ALWAYS have our carry-on luggage. And when you board the plane, the first thing you do is squeezing your luggage on the overhead bin. Well, I think what I'm gonna reveal next might make the world a worse place to live.

Since the oil price is very much a burden to aviation industry and there are a lot of airlines declaring bankruptcy, they really need to squeeze every cent of profits and cutting down every penny of expenditure. Well, fret not, Lawrence is here to save the day.

I guess since pretty much EVERYONE who board the plane whether voluntarily or involuntarily will look at the overhead bin at least TWICE per flight, then why not put some advertisements on the overhead bin ?

Like this..

But if you realised, that a lot of people love the window seat, usually people will stare out of their window and look into wing, and voila, there we have another advert spot.

What a beautiful.. day

And if you realised that there are a lot of aviation enthusiasts out there, they buy expensive camera and lens and go to airport (outside the terminal) under the hot sun to capture aircrafts landing and taking off. That's why Airliners.net exist. Under this circumstances, I say the airlines company can squeeze a few more penny by transforming an aircraft into a flying billboard.

Oh wait, AirAsia already did it..

This, is the latest flying billboard in Malaysia, what's with the nose and the "Your Choice Bank" ? Obviously somebody forgot to ON the spelling checker.. haha..

By the way, I want to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all who celebrate it.. I'm gonna miss the pasar ramadhan..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is it okay for men to read CLEO ?

It was during my secondary school period, where I did not go to tuition classes (I've never taken a single tuition class ever.. haha..) after school like everyone else. So, I have my whole afternoon for myself which I either sleep (most of the time) or read some magazines. Then, I found stacks of "girly" magazines with big wording "CLEO" and a beautiful lady on the cover. Beside the beautiful lady, there were loads of topics that caught my attention. I gotta admit that I'm a sucker at understanding women, relationship, commitment and stuffs like that, therefore I thought reading a women magazines will help me understand them better.

Before I wrote this post, I've conducted my own little survey using facebook chat and msn by asking my female friends "Is it okay for men to read CLEO ?".

This survey showed how popular CLEO is in Malaysia

Interviewing Xian

See, I told you so ! Even girls themselves think that (men) made that extra little effort to try to understand the women by reading CLEO.. haha..

I still remember when I was back in KK, during the first week of each month, I would ask my sister, "Eh, are you going to buy this month's CLEO ?" and then she will go "See lah, why ? You want to read is it ? You pay half lah !". Ok, that conversation is exxaggerated, she's not that mean.

Anyway, as I was saying, ALL of the women that I surveyed said that it was cool and okay to read CLEO magazine. You might be curious, what do men think about men who read CLEO ? Too bad, I did not go around and ask "Dude, recently I read this shit magazine called CLEO, what do you think about it ?" and then he will go "CLEO, what was that ?". So, I spare myself and my friends some hassles by not including them in the survey. Plus, who cares what they think anyway ?

When I was in form 5, I read this article in CLEO about how men are not sensitive to women which I forgot the exact title. In the article, it said that how men do not compliment women enough, and there was a line which goes something like this : "Your eyes are so round that I want to dive and swim in it". Being a naive teenager, I used the line on a girl, and guess what, it works ! That's where I know CLEO is a Godsend to me. Haha..

As I the survey has shown that CLEO is quite popular in Malaysia, thus I believe that I'm not the only one who read CLEO. And it's the 21st century, the line between men and women are diminishing, women can do what men can do, and I believe, men can read what women read too.

I want to thank all those people who have given your valuable opinions on this topic, until next time.. haha..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3 DDP Section 13

Last week we were told to dress smart for a class photo shoot, I guess maybe because it was our final year, thus the need to take some memorial photo. haha.. Guess what, they charged RM12 for a 10x8 inch print, but for the sake of memory, I bought it anyway.


We took 3 formal shots and 4 candid shots, which at the time of writing, I've only got the formal shot. After the photographer finish doing his business, a friend of mine whipped out her camera and us being narcissist, we started doing our pose..



Hahaha.. Lawrenz Bender is Great !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Choki Choki

If you are born in the 80's, growing up during the 90's, I guess this is something which make you go "Oh yeah, I remember that !" or "Oh my God, Lawrence is so cool". Anyway, what I'm talking about is those junk foods that you love to eat during your childhood time, which during that time you want to eat those as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner but then your parents restraint you from doing so.

Photobucket Image Hosting

I'm talking about Choki Choki. According to the official website, "Choki Choki Paste : Spread it on bread, spread it anywhere you like and spread the fun!". But then, as a kid who were growing up eating this junk food, I disagree. To get the best eating experience from Choki Choki, you need to :

1. Tear off the upper part
2. Put it in your mouth
3. Suck it
4. Then use your finger to push the rest of the chocolate paste upward toward the upper part
5. Enjoy the awesome taste of the chocolate paste inside your mouth

Photobucket Image Hosting
It's so tasty that I want to rename it "tasty-cle", but then I think again, never mind..

p.s. writing about this made me feels old..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

If I were the President

With Sept 16 approaching, the date for "takeover" by "someone" is near. So, I switch ON the genius switch (btw the genius switch has no OFF switch), wondering what would I do if I were the President (or Prime Minister) of Malaysia. I know a politician can not just good on talking cock, but must have substance as well (which sadly the current PM has none). Incidentally, I found a quiz on "If I were the President".

Being the President is indeed a tough job (yawn)

In this quiz, I've to choose 3 advisors which I chose a famous celebrity for her funding (no money no talk !), Will Treehugger aka Al-Gore, and Dr Teresa Thermometer (what a name).

The budget 2010 for Malaysia. I've got headache doing this, maybe the job of the President is indeed really hectic.

Anyway, here are some of the changes that I will make when I got into Putrajaya :

1. No Smoking in the public places. Smoking is NOT COOL and there are better ways to die than cancer/lung disease/heart disease.

2. Free iPod for everyone, so they can listen to it while using the crappy public transportation. And I will have podcast every week on The L-oh-rama where I can spread my idealism so people can download it and listen on their iPod.

3. Futurama every weekdays 8pm - 9pm on TV3. (that's right, no more bulletin utama)

4. The Simpsons every weekend 8pm - 9pm on TV3.

5. Siti Nurhaliza for The Vice President (Deputy Prime Minister).

6. Replacing the Finance Ministers with briefcase babes from "Deal or No Deal".

7. If AirAsia delayed your flight and the government biz jet is available - it's yours.

8. The option of rolling dice against the IRB (inland revenue board) for Double-or-Nothing on your taxes.

9. I will set up a royal commissioner to find out the truth in the Prison Break.

10. Rename the twelve month of the year Lawren-cember.

I guess that's all for the promises that I can bluff make for the time being, meanwhile keep looking out at the local newspapers, as you might bump into some article like this :


Please do the poll on the right hand side bar on whether you will vote for me or not. Thanks and have a nice day !

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Emerge KL 08

This is my first time participating in the Emerge conference and I've got to admit it's nothing short of awesome. I'm in the Local U cluster, where last year we've got no. 4 but this year, standing proud to become the overall runner-up.

Pastor Kong was awesome, as usual.

The Local U POS (Parade of School) team

The Local U POS (Parade of School) team with their crazy pose

With the bowling event leader, Hon Kiet, and my gold medal.. haha..

During one of the session, Petrina Fung Bo Bo (Hong Kong actress during the 60's) was giving her testimony on how she started acting at the age of 5, and all her life, she has no friend, and she had depression, at one point she even tried to commit suicide, where she said it's very common among the artists to have depression. Until she came to know God, where she felt His unfailing love and decided to follow Him.

MINT cluster, their POS won the gold medal and they are the overall champion as well. Local U was 2nd (overall) with only 3 golds difference !

Anyway, see you next year at Emerge 09 !

Some photos (which were not watermarked) are taken from Emerge KL Photo Gallery.

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