Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3 women and a man

What happen when you put 3 starving women and a man in a car, in a place they are not familiar with, to find a place for lunch ?

Let start off with the 1st subject, the driver, let's call her A. While seated at the front passenger seat is B, the man is C and another subject is D.

A and B are like very good friends so it's no surprise that they talk a lot (i mean A LOT), while C is the man with a camera in his hands while observing how will these women navigate through the unknown. While D is quiet all the way.

So, came out from the first junction, A already turned the wrong way, while the signboard obviously showed right to go to city center, she turned left. Then along the way, whenever A came to a junction, the following conversations will occur.

A : Left or right ? Faster faster !
B or C : Left left left !
A : Sure or not ?
B or C : Very sure one !

One thing about KL is when you held our head up, the first thing you will see is KLCC. So, A was just following the direction of the twin towers while occasionally the above conversation happened.

That's KLCC for you, the tallest two building with a sharp edge at the top

After navigating through the traffic of KL roads, ABCD managed to get to KLCC. After doing some stuff and getting lunch, it's time to head back.

By this time, the traffic has worsen. And at a traffic light, A and B were talking/gossiping about something, then a LOUD honk sounds from behind.. obviously it was green light and A just realised it after being honked by the car behind..

No wonder people always complained that women are the worst driver. Then along the journey nothing much happened except a few conversations like mentioned above. All this while, only A, B, C involved, you must be wondering where is D right ?

D was sleeping along the way


missy Lynn said...

haha...very funnny huh>?talk alot and you meant alot!
but i havta admit yeap..we do talked alot!!haha
and yea, we forgotten to take pictures in the car..tulah...thats y somebody need to replace d pics..
and and i heart the pics..thank you so much..

keep in touch and hope to see you soon!

Falcon said...

very funny..

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