Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free to Fall

In case you thought that I won 500k GBP and then went on to vacation and abandon my blog, NO. Anyway, I want to talk about some local indie band. Okay, I want you to imagine an all girl band.. What's the first thing that came to your mind ? Male audiences would be inevitably drawn by that strange attraction they have for guitar-slinging girls; while female audiences often supported girl bands for the sense of empowerment they give in breaking into the beer-guzzling, masculine world of rock.


Not Spice Girl you moron.. They play their own instruments, 1 drum, 2 electric guitars, 1 bass, 1 keyboard. They are called Free to Fall.

Free to Fall consists of Jane C - Vocal/keyboard, Adeline (i call her les paul, because of the guitar she's using.. haha) - Lead guitar/backing vocal, Yin Har - Lead guitar 2, Jane S - Bass/backing vocal, and Ker Shin - Drums.


Recently they won the Malaysia Revival Songwriting Competition which their song is awesome. Go check it out at their myspace.


This is the songwriter cum bassist where she play a 5-string bass which I think is like 5 tonne and singing at the same time. Kinda reminds me of Paul McCartney of The Beatles, though he's a lefties.

This photo might be valuable one day

She is the drummer which based on her body size, you wouldn't have guess it. But she plays some good beat though.

Support your local band. Go check them out.


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