Friday, June 12, 2009

So, I am...

Working now. Well, just some update so my friends won't keep bugging me to update my blog (no lah just kidding). Currently, I'm working in a sound and light company as a lighting engineer. You know those in those concerts that you attended, where the light beams moving everywhere and the light blinking. Then there is big table at the back of the audiences with consoles with loads of button that you never seemed to understand. Well, NO, my job (currently) doesn't involve going to concert wearing t-shirt with the wording "crew" printed behind and having backstage pass. 


But, my job is to teach the people who go to those concerts and control the lighting consoles how to program and run the light show. But at the moment, I myself is still learning the trick of trade, which means I got to play with the 5-digits price lighting consoles and another 5-digits moving heads. Oh, there were loads of speakers, microphone and amplifier in the showroom, so occasionally the technician switch ON the speakers and amplifier. WOW! Damn! I like it.

I actually enjoy going to work, which contradicts with what many people tell me. I don't know about them but I enjoy doing what I'm doing right now, which is playing around with expensive stage lighting. Oh, and occasional facebooking too (from office haha)! I might not be blogging as usual as I used to, but I'll try to blog something interesting. 

Talking about interesting, whenever I heard Mariah Carey's song, then I'll try to imitate her voice or singing or falsetto or  whichever come closer. To her annoyance, she will asked me to stop singing while covvering her ear. Thank God she didn't record a video then post to youtube. Anyway, as I was surfing around, I found this Korean which was singing to Mariah Carey's song Touch My Body. He/she is singing in the studio somemore, damn! Anyway, this is better than William Hung or that Ken Lee song. Check it out!


odd3 said...

I am jealous that you are working as a light engineer.Haha. Good work man.

jake said...

keja suda c kawan..bagus heehe kalau ada konsert bole dpt free ka?

Lawrence said...

audri, no need to jealous.. enjoy your student life while you can.. haha..

jake, eh, aku bukan kerja di concert atau function, aku cuma ajar orang macam mana pakai..

affidz said...

ahhahaahah....aku p kl 23 july nie ..ada harapan?

red_devilz88 said...

hey man...nice findings man^^...that's super funny=P

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