Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Youth '08 @ PWTC *part 1

So, I went to PWTC on sunday for Youth '08 event. I go there with an empty memory card, full battery charge, but coming home with full memory card and empty battery charge.

There are simply too many photos, so only the crème de la crème will be uploaded. For the 1st part, mostly photos from fashion show, while part 2 consist mostly photos from battle of the band and some kinky fashion show. Hehe..

For the company that sponsor this car for them to conteng, pleaseeeee sponsor a car for me.. Oh wait, I didn't even have a driving license..

The next Michael Scoufield, well if he intends to escape from prison in Malaysia, he doesn't need the prison's blueprint, he needs loads of money to bribe the prison's guard

The scissor guy and the scary movie guy

I thought Paris Hilton...

The model in the background want to be in the frame as well for me to capture

Most probably a new and young model, she looked very nervous and uncomfortable

By the way, throughout the expo, there were a lot of MCA booth, so election coming soon huh ?

* part 2 coming soon...


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