Sunday, January 13, 2008

aircraft spotting *part 1

Friends : So, what did you do last week ?
Me : Oh, I went to airport for spotting, aircraft spotting..
Friends : Huh ?
Me : You know.. Go to airport and watch airplanes takeoff and landing.. Camera optional..
Friends : Oh.. (still looking blur)

First victim, Pakistan International Airlines taking off with the atc tower in the background
MAS kargo operating on behalf of Air Atlanta Icelandic taking offThai Airways A340-500.. This aircraft is so fucking long..
China Airlines taking off with China Dolls.. hehehe..
Last of part 1, Sri Lankan Airlines A330-200..
Captain : Cock-pit secured ?
Co-pilot : Roger that, Sir. Already put up yellow curtain so those spotters outside can't shoot us doing hanky-spanky stuffs in the cock-pit.


Anonymous said...

*drools* check out the chick in pink. @_@ haha.. i'm all in for that one..

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