Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Photos from my flight back to KK on the 6th of May.. It was retimed a week before the flight, before delayed for some "technical" reasons on the day itself. Yeah right.

The cabin was foggy which i guess was from the air cond

Cleared for takeoff runway 32R

Woohoo ~

At around 29 000 feet when the captain was doing the announcement where the volume can even wake the dead up.

Turning left final for runway 02 WBKK

Runway 02 of WBKK is heading north (approximately), so when you are sitting on the portside (left hand side), and it is afternoon, the sun will shine it's glorius light straight to you.


EviE said...

the last pic i like..cantik

Lawrenz L said...

thanks evie..

Khairul Anwar said...

still in kk ka?nyway enjoy ur holiday

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