Monday, May 26, 2008

Something about Lawrence L

It’s my birthday today, so I guess I’ll stop talking cock and crap. Instead, I’m gonna talk about myself.

I was born in 26th May 1987 at a quaint little city of Kudat, Sabah. My father’s Chinese from Johor while my mother’s an Indonesian and yet I was born at Sabah. The world is my oyster (literally,haha). Anyway, I was considered somewhat as “heavyweight” when I was a baby, I guess it’s somewhat because generally the Kadazans are physically small. However, I grew up as a normal-size kid. Not too skinny or fat.

Anyway, when I was a kid, I remembered I was a clean and neat freak, I was one of those kid who scored 98 in the kindergarten and considered that as “okey lah” because I missed 2 points in the exam and I’ve got my hair parted sideway very neatly, haha.

I studied at SJK(C) Chung Hwa Likas, during my primary school stint. It’s a chinese school where all the students wear short(very sexy one) dark blue pants(male) while speaking mandarin and used at least 5 chinese proverbs in their conversations. Moreover, they carried 2 tons of books to school everyday. During my time there, I was at H class and for your info, H class is a “special” class for smart students like me. However, here I’ve got my ego crushed as I realised that I wasn’t the greatest of all after all. I can only consider myself as an upper middle class student at my class.

Click for larger view so that you can spot the ghost

I got 7As in UPSR and managed to get my butt to Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School (STTSS). It is a private secondary school where you can find the best fashion reference because anything they wear is considered “in”, and yeah, the school provides some of the top students in the state as well. Here, I get to know a lot of people who are fun and crazy, and I did some crazy stuff with them. But my stint here did not last long as I was transferred to a government school as the chance to get into public universities and get scholarship is better there.

Junior 2 at STTSS

Then S.M. Lok Yuk came into my life. I get into the form 3 there even though I’ve spent 3 years at STTSS, the reason is because STTSS is using their own syllabus and therefore I had to repeat form 3. But I’ve got not much complain though, education is fun (yeah right). I never know I would get to know loads of great friends here which we still connect to each other, I mean not only facebook-ing, we occasionally meet up and stuff, we even have our own blog to update each other. At this school, I scored 7As for PMR and 10As for SPM, which pave way for me to get into UTM.

Form 5

Our football team - The Nerds

Ephpraim and Kegan's birthday party

On another note, during my secondary school period, I was starting to get active in the church activities, which includes learning keyboard. I didn’t learn all the level 1 to 8 or the head-spinning music theory. Just chords, I believe in playing by heart, not by books. That was the beginning of many money-wasting hobbies that span to this day. First, I managed to persuade my parents to buy me an el-cheapo keyboard so I can practice at home, where I only used it for like a few weeks before letting it collect dust. Then, it was the guitar. I bought an acoustic guitar and a book titled “Learn Guitar in 30 days”. It was one of my proud achievements as I managed to play guitar satisfactorily in less than 30 days. Of course, the skin at my fingers peeled off pretty badly too. And now I only picked up the guitar if I saw somebody on the tv is playing guitar, sigh.

Another notable hobby was ten-pin bowling. It was during the STTSS day where I joined bowling club. Then, I followed some NTSC training program where I decided to go serious with bowling, which means buying your own bowling ball and shoes. A good bowling bowl costs around RM400+ but I managed to get a second hand from my coach for half the original price. The training schedule was Mon, Wed, and Fri and sometimes Sun if my memory served me right. I joined a few tournaments here and there and represented my school and my highest achievement was runner-up. During this time as well I get to know Flanegan who lived at the taman behind my house last time. However, since form 4 I no longer follow the training, and the bowling ball is now with the keyboard collecting dust.

Currently, photography is my hobby. But the bulkiness and the weight of my DSLR is quite a turn-off. However, it always put a smile on my face when people leave comments and they like my photos.

To wrap up my 21st birthday post, here’s a song from Jimmy Eat World – 23. Listen to the lyrics, it’s very meaningful.


Eph said...

hey...happy burfday man..take care

Lawrenz L said...

hey eph, thank you.. you take care too..

ArMs said...

yo wazzup... heehe. saja tumpang lalu wish you Hapy Bday. sama umur kita ni tau...

Khairul Anwar said...

uits..happy birthday..happy2 selalu

xian said...

happy belated birthday!
take care

Lawrenz L said...

thanks everyone..

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