Sunday, May 10, 2009

Learning Guitar to Get Laid

This is a must watch ! Don't say I didn't share good thing with you..

Looking back at myself, let me check whether I commit those "skills" that were mentioned in the video..

1. Pick in the wallet - Check! (I even have 2 picks in the wallet somemore! Haha)

2. Learn to play 4 chords - Check! (I know more than 4 chords lah..)

3. Play the popular song - Check!

Wonderwall, sap sap sui.. Actually, I have a story to tell.. I learnt guitar when I was Junior 1 or 2. Then During Junior 3 in STTSS, you know some people they bring their guitar to school and you know, try to impress the girls with their guitar skills. Though they are not really good at it, I think I'm better. Anyway, back then the pop songs are like Robbie Williams - Betterman, and some other songs that I couldn't recall. Then the girls asked whether I can play Jay Chow - Qing Tian, then I was like qing what ? But back then without youtube or this video to teach me how to get laid, I took my own initiative to learn that song and voila ! Story ends.)

4. Muted string/ Tap the guitar - Sometimes.

If you don't know how to play guitar yet, just go out there and buy a Kapok guitar and watch this video and act like you know how to play guitar. Enjoy !

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