Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Now that the government has decided to revert the teaching of Science and Maths in BM, I am proud to say as a 1Malaysians, I had wrote 1song in 1BM (i know i overused the 1 thingy).

Anyway, have you ever went to some jabatan whatsoever and then had to spend like the whole day (or sometimes a few days) to get something done. This song is all about it, about waiting in frustration to wait for the pegawai to get our things done.

The song is called "Birokrasi", you can listen to it on MySpace or (if myspace is too slow) you can download it from MediaFire. Oh, you're welcomed to give some comments. Have a good day !

d.s. : now that the pegawai got my stuff done, Singapore here I come !


~Elaine Tam~ said...

Thanks for dropping by :)

howe said...

I find myself humming to the melody! haha. nice tone for a so-called cheap Les Paul. It actually sounds awesome. Another job well-done! :)

Lawrence said...

hey bro, what's up ?

The LP is good. Damn good. I was using Korg AX5G for the effects. Well worth the money.

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