Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, it's been a while. My last post was dated September last year. As in tradition every time during new year, we will do our new year resolution where around Mac we will completely forget about it. Looking back at my 2009 resolutions, I am proud and glad that I have achieved around 50%. It's not much but better than not doing any target and achieve nothing. So, for this new year, I have also wrote down my targets for 2010, and hopefully this time I'll get to achieve all of them.

Having experienced the "real" world for the past 7 months, I realised and experienced what they call office politics, boss's expectations, and delivering results (and many more actually). On the other hand, from my job, I get to go to quite a number of nice places, from the resort in the Sentosa Island to the rooftop of the Gardens. Next year, I believe greater things will come (hehehe).

Recently I've heard a quote which is, "Don't plan to be successful, plan to do successful things." which inspires me a lot. So as with most of the people, I too have set my resolutions (which I will not disclose here), and in this year, I will try my best to keep updating my blog and balance between work and life. Till next time.



PretzyNess said...

wats wit the photo ? -.-

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