Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to edit photos from pajama party

For those who went to the nuffnang pajama party last night, I'm pretty sure you guys have tons of photos to share with the world. But before you spam your blog with all the pictures that you took, why don't you have a look at your photos, are the photos under/over expose ?

I'm sure that most (if not all) the photos were taken with flash ON, however the flash is not really smart, sometimes they got it right, but most of the time they got it wrong. Well, follow the photoshop tutorial below for the technique to save your under-expose photos.

Open the image.

Go to Image - Adjustments - Levels. Drag the white points to where the histogram is present, do the same to the black point if the left hand side of the histogram is empty.
Next, go to Image - Adjustments - Shadow/Highlights. Tweak it to bring some detail back to your photos, but be careful with noise, as a rule of thumb, do not exceed 10%.

Here is where your photos will really changed. Notice that the model's face is red ? Do you have a lot of photos where the colour is off. Then go to Image - Adjustments - Match Colour. Now, follow this step by step :
1. Drag the Fade slider to 100. Check the Neutralize checkbox.
2. Click a white area in the photo.
3. Then drag the Fade slider slowly to the left until the colour of the photo look natural to you.

One thing about night and indoor shot is either you need a huge flash or crank up the ISO, so you need to reduce the noise in your photo. I have a very good plug-in called Neat Image.

See the difference ?
Will post the photos from the Pajama party soon..


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