Monday, March 17, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama party

First of all, NO FREE BOOZE ?!

Ok lah, never mind lah, they have a policewoman ala Cecilia and a French maid. And a nurse to take care of anybody who feels drowsy.

I edited the photo to look like a horror movie where the nurse is evil. Hehehe..

Met some interesting people. Seen here with JerilynTiffany(black hair) with her friend.

Jerilyn was wearing this cute slipper

The atmosphere in the club

Dawn Yang, Kid Chan (a famous photographer in Malaysia), Xiaxue, and Nuffnang's co-founder Ming

Then the girls from MalaysianDreamGirl came and basically the contestants have to imitate the dreamgirl's pose.

Kenny Sia doing his thing

Kid Chan on the other side of the lens

Fiqa from MalaysianDreamGirl

And this is the girl imitating the pose

Dweam won an Ipod Touch for the best pyjamas

Some random guy doing some random pose

Nuffnang's founder Timothy and Ming were given underwear from their own employee

Pinkpau throwing some nuffnang currency

Lovely Dawn Yang

The guy who won the bid for Dawn's kiss. Damn !

Kenny Sia with his fan

The event coordinator : pinkpau

Managed to exchange link with Amy, Akira, Dominic...

To end this post on a high note, here is a community message from lawrenz..


pinkpau said...
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pinkpau said...

what do you mean no free booze!!! we didn't buy all those barrels of booze for nothing ok!!


hope you had a good time tho ;)

Roshann said...

dude, may you be as kind to send me the raw pics of the whole dawn yang kiss? i would really appreciate it

Lawrenz L said...

Pinkpau, I thought they serve 7up and coke only.. but anyway i did enjoy the whole event. And thanks for organizing such an event.

Roshann, damn, hahaha.. Will do after I processed it..

eyeris said...


revel in me said...


And eek, I didn't block you that night right? :P

Lawrenz L said...

eyeris, the nuffies shall smack you 100 times for not sharing the free booze.. hahaha..

revel in me, thanks.. and btw, you didn't block me, i managed to get the shot that i want..

julian said...

The last photo is excellent :D
Pity you missed out on the booze though.

Yatz said...

hahaha really..the last pic damn cun..

Lawrenz L said...

julian and yatz, thank you..

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