Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to transform your profile pictures

Ever wonder how those "popular" girls get so popular in friendster ? It's really not your fault that you are not beautiful or sexy, maybe you profile lack the cutting edge whether you didn't put up 10 videos on your profile so that you visitors will wait a long time for your profile page to load, or simply your profile pictures didn't reveal much (literally).

However, Lawrence comes to the rescue. Get yourself a photo editing software called Adobe Photoshop. Then check whether you fulfil the requirements below :
1. Your brain
2. A computer with Adobe Photoshop installed.

Ok, first you need to open the image you want to transform (duh~).

click the photo for larger view

Then, go to Image - Adjustments - Brightness/Contrast.

Crank up the contrast and brightness (the higher the better) to hide blemishes in your complexion.

After hiding your imperfection, time to put some bling in your pictures. Go to Filter - Render - Lens Flare.
Adjust to your liking.

Next, click the T icon on your toolbar (on your left-hand side) and put some text.

After finish everything up, go to Layer - Flatten Image. Then, save your "artwork".

Your "artwork" is all ready for you to upload to the net.
This tutorial may seems sarcastic, as this is the first tutorial at Untitled. Hoever, next tutorial will be a serious artsy type tutorial. Ever wonder how do the supermodel have such a skinny body ?


jacA said...

oh lol. that's pretty creative :]
but the supermodel only gets skinnier on her face. what about her body?

btw i found your blogsite thru facebook XD

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