Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Parable of Football and ISP


Project Write ever, is another project of L-oh-rama where I will write something really random whether it's something to do with real life or just pure fiction. I hope it can sharpen my writing skills and my command of English. I also hope that this will last for some time, and not just another "hot hot chicken shit"(hangat-hangat tahi ayam) project.

The Parable of Football and ISP

The most famous sports in the whole wide world, football (or soccer to some) is very much like Internet Service Provider(ISP). You see, in football, the game is played by footballers passing the ball between players and the ultimate goal is to put the ball in the goal. On the other hand, ISP works the same way, it passes the data from one point to another until it reaches the user which is the purpose of the ISP.

In Malaysia, our football team sucks. Oh wait, our ISP sucks too. Slowmyx and Celcom 3G where in my case is the latter. Malaysia football team do not pass the ball quick enough or well enough, where the consequnce is the opponent gets the ball. Celcom 3G, do not transfer data quick enough or well enough where the consequence is the connection Disconnected every 5 minutes or so.

If you look at Malaysia football team, they were sponsored by Nike. The players were wearing Nike boots which were identical to Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo yet they didn't kick half as well as them. When you subscribe to Celcom 3G, they have this Cingular Sierra Wireless AirCard thingy which I think is some imported stuff. Yet it kept disconnected every 5 minutes or so. Great tools do not mean great playing skills or great service.

Malaysia football team receive quite some publicity. I remebered last time when they just launched their new Nike jersey, they had some big event going on in Bukit Bintang. And don't forget they are also the usual suspect in the local media. Nowadays, in every shopping mall that you visit, you will never miss some Slowmyx or Celcom 3G promoters offering this and that for a special price in limited time only, yet you see those promoters everyday. Big publicity does not mean great playing skills or great service.

So, the conclusion of this parable is Celcom 3G sucks. Malaysia football too. This new year, let's hope for better football team, and faster internet service.


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Anonymous said...

ui.. tak takut kena tangkap ka write like this.. haha

Lawrenz L said...

This is freedom of speech.. btw, it's the truth what..

spantulous said...

yeah..you got that right.our isp suck big time.i wonder when we can enjoy a smooth and stable connection...waiting for a cat grows horn huh?

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