Thursday, February 28, 2008

I sleep better with Chipster

Instead of reading like when you normally read, try to imagine the narrator is whispering when telling the story, like michael scofield talking in prison break, or lucas scott talking(with his eyes barely opening) in one tree hill.

It was not an ordinary day, I still remember vividly. The sky was dark, the streets were empty, everything seems to lose it's colour.

The whole city seems like in some sort of lock down.

The city is doomed for sure. It's just a matter of time.

The whole scenario made the word "sleeping" sounds like a total stranger to me. They said counting sheep can help in getting into sleep, so I did. But it doesn't work for me.

What are you staring at ?

Realising that I can't fall asleep, I turned to my faithful "bible".

To my horror even my "bible" turned it's back against me. What I saw was something which no word in the Sin City can explain.

I remember that music can calm my mind. Maybe all this while my mind was playing games on me, what if I'm becoming what they always told me what I'll become, a psycho maniac ?

I played frets on fire for a few hours. I feel like I was playing in a concert, I did every possible pose, standing, sitting, jumping while playing my "guitar". However, it was useless.

Desperate for a good night sleep, I reached for the phone and called 1-800-sleep. They put me on hold for 10 minutes. Damn !

10 minutes later, I finally got hold of the operator, she accessed my problem and recommended a solution..

Suffice to say, I managed to get a good night sleep, with Chipster packs all around me. I didn't even manage to change my shirt. Ah, what the heck ! As long as I get my sleep.

After all, I sleep better with Chipster.

p.s. : That's all on my try to imitate Frank Miller's Sin City, and to get a party pass to Nuffnang 1st birthday bash. And you can stop whispering and open your eyes wider now.


dweam said...

haha i love your photography! =)

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KY said...

oOo some interesting photoshopping! :D

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