Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Youth '08 @ PWTC *part 3

The last part of the youth '08 started with a performance by someone playing violin.

Just like in the fairy tale.. the "white-horse-prince" hahaha..

The fashion show theme was anime related, i'm not really sure myself.. And there is a DJ to heat it up..

Yeah baby.. Come on heat it up~

Next was fashion show for people who dressed like idiot their fav cartoon character to the event. They were handpicked (literally) by Hannah Tan from the audience to do a runway show.

The host was none other than Douglas Lim

Watch out for my super duper dump power!!

This one is quite cute though

Give her a call in case you are being robbed, she will come straight away to rescue you

Hmmm.. Maybe I should wash my sword more often ?

The winner I think was the cute one..

Next up was Battle of the Band.. Not much pic though, light was poor..

That concludes my experience at Youth '08 @ PWTC. It was fun, but can be improved. If there is such event in the future, I wouldn't miss it. Have a good day !


Borneo Shutter said...

Hello and you've been invited to Borneo Shutter!! House of Sabah Photography.

Johnny Ong said...

was that a cutie???? or she won becuz of her dressing only. if she had won bcuz of her pretty face, the judges must be blind...hehe.

my 2 cents

Lawrenz L said...

She won by the cheers of the crowds.. That's how they decided who the winner was..

And, beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

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