Monday, February 4, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee @ KL Alice Smith School

On the 27th of Jan, I followed my friends from KBU who were playing in a tournament at KL Alice Smith School, so I sort of become their official photographer. Haha.

The school we were going to is located in the outskirt of the city in Seri Kembangan. Once arrived at the front gate of the school, the security checked us kaw-kaw. A check on their website showed that a non-refundable enrolment fee of RM 16000 is payable before your child can step foot in the school. Enough of the school already, this post is supposed to be about ultimate frisbee.

The front gate of KL Alice Smith School (KLASS)

One of the KLASS student. Majority of the students here are ang moh

On the way..

As usual, the mandatory "serious look" team photo

and the mandatory "funny look" team photo

Terence with his yellow lucky charm smelly socks Haha

Of course, before playing any strenuous sports, warming up is a mandatory.
The sky was so blue. I was so like ~wooohooo.

The KBU girls jump !

The overview of the school and the field.
I noticed that I shoot a lot into the sun lately. I love that flare.

Mark from KBU (white) blocking the UiTM player from catching the frisbee

Wilson (white) jumping while catching the frisbee

I shall continue more of the jumping-catching-blocking frisbee in the next post. Including the photos from the prize giving ceremony of course. And the teams camwhore after the tournament.


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