Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aircraft Spotting @ WBKK 2

Before I go to KL, I decided to do a spotting trip at the end of runway 20 at WBKK where the sound of aircraft passing through your head will make you ecstatic, the sight of aircrafts flying low will make your jaw drop. Oh, and the scorching hot sun, totally burning your epidermis (skin).

Spot this MH B737-400 as a starter

Then a few AK airbus A320

Behind where I was standing is a horse farm where there were lots of horse shits

There wasn't much traffic that day, so I shot my own shadow

This MASwings fokker F50 was the only traffic in a long time

Then I use my phone to check out the flight schedule using GPRS at flightstats

The schedule at flightstats really helped a lot for me to expect what aircraft will take off or landing

This A330 was flying lower and louder than the rest.. Totally ecstatic

The fencing and lighting at the end of the runway, and an aircraft taking off

The sky at Kota Kinabalu, always blue.. except the day when it's raining cats and dogs lah..

Taking off while the evening light showered upon the aircraft

And on another note, this is how horse do their No.1 business


smashpOp said...

arghhh tempting me to go there. ahah good shots bro

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