Thursday, June 19, 2008

Make money from the new subsidy scheme

Everybody knows the petrol is RM 2.70 now, and the oh-i'm-so-smart people at putrajaya thought that, "why don't we give the rakyat rm 625 annually so they will shut their mouth for a moment ?", so that's when the malaysian people wake up early in the morning to q-up at the POS office to claim rm 625.

Basically a 20-30 years old car will worth around RM 1000 plus the most. So, the idea is if I go out tomorrow and buy another 10 cars (each maybe about 500 to 800 ringgit) being sold off by desperate owners because nobody wants them. The cars are ready-for-the-scrapyard kind but just barely good enough for a Puspakom inspection and a transfer of ownership effected to me.

Then I just find a place to store all of these cars (or I could even scrap them and have cash in hand from the besi buruk man) and then armed with only the registration cards of each car, I proceed to take a 3rd party insurance (about 60 ringgit without any NCB per car) and pop in to my friendly POS Malaysia or JPJ office and spend about 70 ringgit to 100 ringgit for each car for a one year road tax disc.

I spend about roughly 150 ringgit for this procedure and now I hold my breath as the man or lady behind the counter proceed to issue a RM625 ringgit postal order in my name for every card presented at the counter...

My yearly cost is RM 150 and I get RM 625 in return. A whopping RM 475 profit that is equivalent to a RM 4750 in fixed deposit for a year. I rest my case...

Seriously, this thing might work IF it is an annual thing, but considering we are living in Bolehland where any decisions can be turned in practically a second by those
oh-i'm-so-smart people at putrajaya. So, if tomorrow you really go ahead and then next week the gamen said no more subsidy, I guess all I can say is good luck, meatbag ! Hahaha..

Original idea was from TV Smith


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