5. "Batmobile is not really the same after batman switched it to NGV. "

4. "I've been camping here for one week and this isn't the line for the new iPhone 3G ?! "

3. "I've spent all my money on petrol, so I'm just gonna stand here and look at the poster. "

2 . "Shouldn't you be working, Pak Lah ? "

1. "I read that the repair on the gearbox for the batmobile cost them RM 2 million. "


acura said...

Eh, maybe Bruce Wayne should replace his Batmobile with a Mercedes haha Ubah Cara Hidup

Lawrenz L said...


haha.. yes, bruce wayne also need to ubah cara hidup..

missy Lynn said...

thank you so much for your comment...i miss home and i miss all of you la....so sad i missed frisbee tourney and not being able to to be in the pics!!!haha

keep in touch alright?

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