Monday, July 14, 2008

How to switch head in Photoshop

Before you even think about of working for as a graphic designer, you've got to know the most basic photo manipulation which is the old switching rule, in this case is switching the subject's head in a photo.

This knowledge will be very useful if you decided to create a controversy in the country by swapping the P.M.' head with a picture with Anwar. Ok, no more talking cock, straight to the lesson.

First of all, Open the intended image. To make life easier, choose the one where the background colour is very different from the skin tone.

Then, using Magnetic Lasso tool, wrap around the subject by moving your mouse around the subject

Right click on the image, and choose Layer via Copy

Drag the layer just now to the new image where you want to switch the head. Then click on the small icon on the bottom right hand, and a Layer Mask will appear. By painting black colour (using brush of course) will hide the layer, while using white colour will reveal the layer. Simple.

Due to this image being BnW, go to Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation and the saturation set to -100

But if you see the image, the neck and the facec are two different tone, so we solve this by using burn tool.

Remember to burn on the Background layer

To finish thing off, flatten image, and

Done !


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