Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Light show - Jason Lo

In the midst of the exam season, I managed to deviate my attention and playing around with the virtual light controller. I realised that the last time I was daydreaming when I made a light show for Coldplay - Yellow and I expect they will hire me to become their lighting designer for their next world tour.. who are you kidding lawrence ?

Anyway, this time I put my attention into something local, nearer, and realistic than Coldplay. This time, I made the light show for Jason Lo with his song, "Operator the line is dead". I hope Jason Lo will start making music again, and do some tour or concert, and he can hire me as his concert lighting designer. Hehe.. Oh yeah, here's the video, enjoy!


On another note, I found an indonesian band which got me hooked now, the band is called Alexa. This is one of their song, called Jangan Kau Lepas. The music video is quite amazing I have to say (compared to those of Malaysian artists,ugrh..), and quite touching near the end where the old man was playing violin to the photo of his wife. That just makes you go "ohh.."


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