Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who the heck is Beau Bristow ?

I love music, to put it more clearly, I love live music, especially those unplugged and acoustic, where you just chill out and enjoy the vibe from the songs.


(This has nothing to do with Beau Bristow) This was an acoustic performance by the church members of CHC

Songs from album, however, are too "clean" to my liking. I prefer to listen to something where the musicians were playing by the heart (as I do play some instruments and I play by heart, haha) and the vocalist will try to render the song a bit differently.

Anyway, as I attended Connexion student conference at Pj on friday, which after that there was a mini concert by this dude from US called Beau Bristow at connexion BU. He is a singer, songwriter and a guitarist. He's got an acoustic guitar, and a boxful of passbox and effects filter. At the end of the chain was an electronic unit that can record and playing it over and over again. So, in his 1 man band, he can create the sound of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drum (by banging his guitar), and backup singer as well. His performance on the night was awesome by the way, though I don't have any video or photos of him performing, I managed to find a video of Beau Bristow on youtube.

In the end of the day, I bought his album for only RM10, where the songs in the album were a bit "clean". But no complaint though, it's very nice and I give it two thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

hello! haha i went to connexion too :) i gotta say Beau Bristow is a good singer. i bought his CD too and got it autographed xD

Lawrenz L said...


You got his autograph too ? Maybe someday he'll make it big and that autograph will be collector's item.. haha..

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