Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The best way to make money online


You know how people usually said that "oh, you can earn easy money from the internet" and "you know ah, I got a friend who got 3000 USD every month doing "internet business.."" and stuffs like that especially now in the midst of recession, where people look for part time job/business everywhere. Sit tight ladies and gentlemen, let us see one by one what's the best way to earn money.


Create a blog then earn money from advertising - not really plausible. Unless you're as famous as Kennysia, or as bitchy as XiaXue, or as plasticky beautiful as Dawn Yang, I dont think you can earn much from blogging. According to Newton's 3rd law of motion, in every force applied, there'll always an opposite force. In simple english, once you're famous, there'll always be someone who's jealous and try to tarnish your image.

Spam mail - Epic fail. Unless you can create some story better than "His majesty Prince Sarkozy of Migeria died and you're his next-of-kin. Once you've wired some faith money into an oversea bank account, then you'll inherit his kingdom, his canoe and his plumpy young wife." Oh, and you can get caught and throw into jail as well.

Pyramid Scheme/Multi-Level-Marketing - 99% fail. Unless you're the one starting it, or the second person to join and your face thickness is 3 inches, and you're ready to lose all your friends and families, then Maybe you'll get rich. But then by the time you're rich, you've lost all your integrity, respect and friends and families. Oh, and you might get caught and thrown into jail as well.

So then, what's the best way to earn money you say..

The BEST way to make money online is actually Teaching Other People How To Earn Money !


If you go to the Borders, MPH or any bookstores, under the "Investment" or "Finance" section (where you'll find the least hot chicks, the best place to find hot chicks in bookstore is in the "Fiction"and "Romance" section. But make sure their mother is not around. Oh crap, A.D.D. kicks in. Okay, let's get back to our main topic).

Under the "Investment" or "Finance" section, you'll find a lot of books entitled "How to make money.." written by someone in his late 20's wearing a suit one size bigger than their own size, saying how they get to retire at the age of 29 by doing business online. Well, I suspect most of their income come from the book sales. (No, I didn't buy those books, I just read it in the bookstore, yeah, I'm a cheapskate like that.)

It's like the Gold Rush 150 years ago, everyone thought that there lots of gold beneath the land. So, a lot of people rush to dig and dig and dig. But they didn't make any money because there isn't much gold to start with, they were just imagining it, they were just dreaming.

Guess who made the most money back then ? The people who sold these dreamers the digging tools. Now the same thing is happening again, it's really hard to dig money from the internet, but it is easier to sell the "digging tools" to the greedy people that want to make money online. A google search will get you to thousands of books and courses sold online that teach you to "Make money online".

So, now you know the best way to make money online, so go out there and break a leg (literally).


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