Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project Writever : Random screeshots


For the past few weeks, I've been listening to the Rolling Stones top 500 songs of all time and The Beatles especially to find some new inspiration. It's hard for me to get new inspirations for making new songs when listening to some pop crap people produce nowadays. Anyway, one fine day, as I was watching some live Beatles performance in black and white in youtube, I came across some stupid comments. Refer to the screenshot that I've attached to see the moronic act that I said.


Well, it's well known for a fact that youtube commenter are bunch of idiots.


Anyway, moving on, on another fine day, I came across some live and death moment.. in my messenger..


Last but not least, I've composed and recorded a song (in my own self-made "studio" and some borrowed guitar). Now, I need some honest comments and opinions, so please check out my song at .


Good day, mate ! (hmm.. why suddenly all british slang, must be influenced by the beatles..)


Hapi said...

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LaViaP said...

tell me about it. i posted a video of my cat eating durian and this dumbass accused me of eating my cat.

anyway. great song ;)


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