Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is it okay for men to read CLEO ?

It was during my secondary school period, where I did not go to tuition classes (I've never taken a single tuition class ever.. haha..) after school like everyone else. So, I have my whole afternoon for myself which I either sleep (most of the time) or read some magazines. Then, I found stacks of "girly" magazines with big wording "CLEO" and a beautiful lady on the cover. Beside the beautiful lady, there were loads of topics that caught my attention. I gotta admit that I'm a sucker at understanding women, relationship, commitment and stuffs like that, therefore I thought reading a women magazines will help me understand them better.

Before I wrote this post, I've conducted my own little survey using facebook chat and msn by asking my female friends "Is it okay for men to read CLEO ?".

This survey showed how popular CLEO is in Malaysia

Interviewing Xian

See, I told you so ! Even girls themselves think that (men) made that extra little effort to try to understand the women by reading CLEO.. haha..

I still remember when I was back in KK, during the first week of each month, I would ask my sister, "Eh, are you going to buy this month's CLEO ?" and then she will go "See lah, why ? You want to read is it ? You pay half lah !". Ok, that conversation is exxaggerated, she's not that mean.

Anyway, as I was saying, ALL of the women that I surveyed said that it was cool and okay to read CLEO magazine. You might be curious, what do men think about men who read CLEO ? Too bad, I did not go around and ask "Dude, recently I read this shit magazine called CLEO, what do you think about it ?" and then he will go "CLEO, what was that ?". So, I spare myself and my friends some hassles by not including them in the survey. Plus, who cares what they think anyway ?

When I was in form 5, I read this article in CLEO about how men are not sensitive to women which I forgot the exact title. In the article, it said that how men do not compliment women enough, and there was a line which goes something like this : "Your eyes are so round that I want to dive and swim in it". Being a naive teenager, I used the line on a girl, and guess what, it works ! That's where I know CLEO is a Godsend to me. Haha..

As I the survey has shown that CLEO is quite popular in Malaysia, thus I believe that I'm not the only one who read CLEO. And it's the 21st century, the line between men and women are diminishing, women can do what men can do, and I believe, men can read what women read too.

I want to thank all those people who have given your valuable opinions on this topic, until next time.. haha..


TNH said...

well..not sure because i don read all those thing

xian said...

you really mentioned me in ur blog.

Lawrenz L said...

tnh, that's what I said before I read CLEO.. once you read it, bang !

xian, I scared next time you won't help me with my ridiculous survey anymore.. haha..

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