Saturday, September 6, 2008

If I were the President

With Sept 16 approaching, the date for "takeover" by "someone" is near. So, I switch ON the genius switch (btw the genius switch has no OFF switch), wondering what would I do if I were the President (or Prime Minister) of Malaysia. I know a politician can not just good on talking cock, but must have substance as well (which sadly the current PM has none). Incidentally, I found a quiz on "If I were the President".

Being the President is indeed a tough job (yawn)

In this quiz, I've to choose 3 advisors which I chose a famous celebrity for her funding (no money no talk !), Will Treehugger aka Al-Gore, and Dr Teresa Thermometer (what a name).

The budget 2010 for Malaysia. I've got headache doing this, maybe the job of the President is indeed really hectic.

Anyway, here are some of the changes that I will make when I got into Putrajaya :

1. No Smoking in the public places. Smoking is NOT COOL and there are better ways to die than cancer/lung disease/heart disease.

2. Free iPod for everyone, so they can listen to it while using the crappy public transportation. And I will have podcast every week on The L-oh-rama where I can spread my idealism so people can download it and listen on their iPod.

3. Futurama every weekdays 8pm - 9pm on TV3. (that's right, no more bulletin utama)

4. The Simpsons every weekend 8pm - 9pm on TV3.

5. Siti Nurhaliza for The Vice President (Deputy Prime Minister).

6. Replacing the Finance Ministers with briefcase babes from "Deal or No Deal".

7. If AirAsia delayed your flight and the government biz jet is available - it's yours.

8. The option of rolling dice against the IRB (inland revenue board) for Double-or-Nothing on your taxes.

9. I will set up a royal commissioner to find out the truth in the Prison Break.

10. Rename the twelve month of the year Lawren-cember.

I guess that's all for the promises that I can bluff make for the time being, meanwhile keep looking out at the local newspapers, as you might bump into some article like this :


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