Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Advertisement Idea

You know whenever you take a flight, you ALWAYS have our carry-on luggage. And when you board the plane, the first thing you do is squeezing your luggage on the overhead bin. Well, I think what I'm gonna reveal next might make the world a worse place to live.

Since the oil price is very much a burden to aviation industry and there are a lot of airlines declaring bankruptcy, they really need to squeeze every cent of profits and cutting down every penny of expenditure. Well, fret not, Lawrence is here to save the day.

I guess since pretty much EVERYONE who board the plane whether voluntarily or involuntarily will look at the overhead bin at least TWICE per flight, then why not put some advertisements on the overhead bin ?

Like this..

But if you realised, that a lot of people love the window seat, usually people will stare out of their window and look into wing, and voila, there we have another advert spot.

What a beautiful.. day

And if you realised that there are a lot of aviation enthusiasts out there, they buy expensive camera and lens and go to airport (outside the terminal) under the hot sun to capture aircrafts landing and taking off. That's why Airliners.net exist. Under this circumstances, I say the airlines company can squeeze a few more penny by transforming an aircraft into a flying billboard.

Oh wait, AirAsia already did it..

This, is the latest flying billboard in Malaysia, what's with the nose and the "Your Choice Bank" ? Obviously somebody forgot to ON the spelling checker.. haha..

By the way, I want to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all who celebrate it.. I'm gonna miss the pasar ramadhan..


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