Friday, August 15, 2008

Emerge Bowling Competition

Last week I participated in the Emerge bowling competition which was organized by CHC. It was held at Holiday Villa Subang, where I played against my fellow church members from another cluster. I represent the local uni (local u + ktar & utar) cluster against VU (varsities universities), MINT (Monash Inti Nilai & Taylors).


Before the competition began, me and Hon Kiet (person in charge of the bowling team) and another bowler camwhore around the resort.


You don't mess with Lawrenz

Can you imagine I was jumping around before the competition..

Anyway, I left all my bowling equipments at Sabah, so I have to make do with the house ball and shoes. But for the first game, I got like 200+ pin fall and from that moment on, I knew I could take this one out. Long story short, I won the competition, but not without a fight. On the semifinal, I was losing 30-40 points to my opponent (it was 1 vs 1 format) at the 5th frame, but I managed to recover and striking my way to the final.

Angeline was my high school senior at Tshung Tsin, we used to represent our school together last time (what a small world), and Roy, my opponent at semifinal.

(L-R) Angeline, Nickey (cluster leader), the great bowler, and Hon Kiet.


missy Lynn said...

haha lawrenz you so funny la!!!
my pics are all so ugly..simply snap one...totally no profesionslism in it lo...

still really really need to enhance my photography skills have you been?missing malaysia so so much!!!
tell me hoe is your life and things bsck in malaysia!

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