Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The random Lawrenz project

Not so long ago, I blogged about the random sombrero guy. Well, a few days ago, due to insomnia, I was going through my photo library and found photo of me in simpsons style. Basically, you just upload your photo to sodomize simpsonize me and it will show what you will look like if you are a character in the simpsons.

Anyway, the random Lawrenz project is a project where I'll put the simpsonized version of me into some random photos. Here are a few examples :

Lawrenz spotted during gig with indie band Hujan

Lawrenz during photoshoot with the Beatles

Lawrenz spotted during the Nov 10 2007 Bersih rally

Lawrenz also spotted from the reflection during the moon landing

For the complete collection, just go to my facebook album (you can view even though you dont have facebook).


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