Friday, August 22, 2008

How to improve the Olympics

It's not that I do not like Michael Phelps or something, but it's just seems like something is wrong with the current Olympics. I mean, Michael Phelps got 8 gold medals from swimming alone while for soccer (the most popular sport in the world) the winner only get 1 medal for them to share between 11 guys (plus the reserve) ?


Anyway, do you want to know why Michael Phelps won so many golds ? Because it was all the same thing. It turns out that he can swim real fast when he swims one lap, two laps, four laps - alone, or when 3 other guys go right after him. You want to win multiple medals, fine, join another events. By another events I mean something other than swimming, like gymnastics or judo.

Photos from Mark J Rebilas (check out his site, damn artsy-fartsy olympic photos and great travel stories)

To improve the competitiveness of Olympics, the International Olympics Committee, IOC should introduce the "shame-dal", which is for the worst three athletes in each events. The country with the most "shame-dal" will be kicked out of U.N., stamped "loser" on the passport for the next 4 years wherever they go, lose any war they're currently waging(if any). On the other hand, the winner of the Olympics should get something more realistic, e.g. the citizens can visit another country without visa, the rights to put it's flag on each airplanes in the world, permission to own nuclear weapons etc.

And to determine the best Olympians or the sportsman or whatever they called it, all the athletes will have to live under one roof and complain about one another to the cameras. The athletes with the most complains will be the best Olympian.


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