Sunday, August 17, 2008

The magic hour

Yesterday, as I was doing my freelance assignment at KLCC, I managed to reserve the "magic" hour so I can shoot some photos of KLCC. Since I got my DSLR, I've never pointed my camera to the twin towers as I've seen far too many photos of the twin towers around.

In photography, the "magic" hour refers to the short time frame where the sun has set and the sky is glowing colourfully. Back in my hometown KK, the magic hour is around 6.20 pm (+- 10 mins). However, due to geographical location, the magic hour in KL is around 7.35 pm.

This was taken at KK waterfront at around 6.20 pm

Airplane and towers don't go well together

Narcissism is one of the characteristic of bloggers

I don't know why, but I keep on using this technique lately

Roger that, the magic hour is indeed at 7.37 pm

Done !

Past the magic hour, the sky is pitch black


kaesenchin said...

cool pictures dude!
love it..

Lawrenz L said...

kaesenchin, thanks..

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