Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics events you might not know

The Beijing Olympic 2008 has officially kicked off yesterday. You can expect to see a lot of pictures in the coming days on the mass media.


However, this time for Malaysian, it's more unique as the government has offered RM 1 million for Malaysian athlete who managed to bring home a gold medal.


In mass media, the events that you'll find are most probably are those "boring" events like badminton, swimming, running etc. However, only in The L-oh-rama, you'll read these very low profile events as listed below.

1. 1.1km hurdle driving

Contestants have to drive in a 1.1km long track where there will be tables and chairs lying around (International Olympic Committee has yet to confirm whether there will be humans sitting on the chairs). The fastest driver wins, extra bonus for drivers who don't hit any "hurdles".

Chances of winning (for Malaysia) : 98 %


2. 1 km Bus sprint

In this event, athletes (a.k.a. drivers) have to drive a bus (the size of rapid kl bus) full of people (with a few people dangling on the bus door) along a 1 km track where the fastest athlete wins.

Chances of winning : 89 %

3. 4 km SMS driving

In sms driving event, the athlete has to drive a car while composing a short message which will be provided by the organizer during the day of the competition. The track is 4km long.

Chances of winning : 93 %

4. DVD sellers 4x400m relay race

In this event specially for dvd sellers (especially from petaling street), in a team of 4, will run for 400m each person, extra bonus for athletes shouting "DVD PANAS !" while running.

Chances of winning : 88 %

5. Long spit

This event is almost same as long jump, however, in this event, instead of jumping, athlete will have to spit. The winner is the athlete who spits the furthest with the biggest spit.

Chances of winning : 85 %

Stay tuned and bookmark this site more events and results which will be posted as soon as we get the results "live" from China.

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